Janis Joplin – the first female rockstar

This Janis Joplin portrait contains layers of blue denim. Measure 60 x 80cm.

All portraits are done in denim. I call it “denim art”. I enjoy the transformation from a couple of old jeans to contemporary art.  The portraits are meant to be recognisable to the viewer, and also express my creative interpretation of the person.

My motivation is to honour a great artist and my idealism about waste-issues and consumerism.

The story
Janis Joplin was an amazing artist. She had an impressive voice and a wild will to go and get that musical carrier she always dreamt of.

She loved everything about the music, and I think only a few very stoned guys in the audience would not note her charisma and presence. I would have loved to attend in just a smaller concert somewhere in the late 60’s.
Now I settle with listening to her recorded music many years later, and though I know she also struggled with the pursuit of love and use of drugs, I am always inspired by her music and dedication.

Short about Janis Joplin
She was born in Port Arthur, Texas, 1943.01.19, and was named Janis Lyn Joplin. She passed away 1970.10.04 in California. This was only a few days after Jimi Hendrix passed away, both in the age of 27. This initiated the socalled “club27”, and unfortunately other “members” were to join lateron.

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Close ups and proces