Anette Warming – Idealist and artist

I have a passion for music. And for jeans.
Dumping jeans hurts my heart.
For years I have been working with sustainable and socioeconomic projects,
and redesing denim was “my thing”.

The way we tend to also dump musicians as listeners,
as we move on to new upcommers, really hurts my heart too.
There is so much work and love put into music.
So much beautiful poetry, wonderful art, good energy
and inspirational, special moments to be found in music.

With my denim art I pursue an artistical way of using wasted denim
and honor great musicians through times.

I love creating portraits of someone that I feel a passion about,
initiated from my heart or from other musiclovers hearts.
I enter this time-warp-feeling while working on a portrait.
I enjoy the musical universe of the specific artist
and create these artworks simultaneously.
I usually have a little crush in the proces,
because the talent of this legend blows me away.

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Anette Warming

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