• Artworks created to honor great musicians who had the guts to release their power and mindblowing talent

The best music ever made has been out there for decades.
That’s my opinion.
Maybe you think so too?
The musical Memory Lane. We need that, right?
(check out this list of Top 50 iconic songs of all time.
This is really good, old stuff)

I create portraits of the legends to honor them.
Please find here presentations of my portraits of
David Bowie, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin,
Louis Armstrong, George Michael, Lars Ulrich, Bono,
Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. And more to come.
Go to “Denimart” for an overview
and click on a picture to go further.

I hope you enjoy the artworks.

All portraits are done in denim.
I call it The Art of Denim.
And the reason for using denim?
I just accidently found out that it was possible.
(please find more on that on the “About”)
Denim has been with me all my life.
Just like a lot of the music that I like to listen to,
denim also brings happy memories.
For these artworks though I prefer using a high quality denim.
I think the World is met by a lot of low quality denim.
Cause: fast fashion industry.

Please feel free to contact me for questions and requests.
All is for sale. And almost any portrait wishes can come true.

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