George Michael – King of Pop

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George Michael – king of pop

George Michael portrait created in just af few layers of denim, fixed on a white re-wooden board. Measure 40 x 60cm.

All portraits are done in denim. I call it “denim art”. I enjoy the transformation from a couple of old jeans to contemporary art.  The portraits are meant to be recognisable to the viewer, and also express my creative interpretation of the person.

My motivation is to honour a great artist and my idealism about waste-issues and consumerism.

The story
85 million records sold worldwide. I guess that says everything, about popularity and about the period. We stopped measuring success by sold records.  But he was popuar. King of Pop.
I have spent hours and hours dancing to his music. Unfortunately I never experienced him “live”. He was young in a way and stopped by in Denmark occationally for concerts, so I never thought that it was a once-in-a-lifetime-hurry-up-to-do-thing.

George Michael and denim
George Michael was vain, in a nice way. I remember he had a long period wearing jeans, black leatherjacket and one earring with at cross. He could wear anything – and always look handsome.

Short about George Michael
Born 1963.06.25 in London and named Georgios Kyriacos Panagiótou. He passed away 2016.12.25 in Oxforshire.

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