Bono – beautiful all in all


This Bono portrait is created in just af few layers of denim, fixed on a white canvas with a denim frame. Measure 25 x 25cm, with frame adding another 5cm.

All portraits are done in denim. I call it “denim art”. I enjoy the transformation from a couple of old jeans to contemporary art.  The portraits are meant to be recognisable to the viewer, and also express my creative interpretation of the person.

My motivation is to honour a great artist and my idealism about waste-issues and consumerism.

The story
Bono is the musicwriter and lead singer in U2, the irish band that is said to be the contry’s biggest export-product. I really love his voice, the special sound in their music and the lyrics.
The band has released 14 albums and sold over 150 millions records all over the world.
What I also find sympatic is his interest in changing the world by involving himself in projects of different NGO’s.

About Bono
Born 1960.05.10 in Dublin and named Paul David Hewson. In his young years he got the nickname Bono Vox, beautiful voice. Later chaged to Bono. He is thankfully still alive.

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