Bob Dylan – the big difference

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This portrait is created in a couple of layers of denim, in different shades of blue, grey and black. It is fixed on a (re)wooden board. Creating the frame I fixed this board to another and bigger board. The bigger board used to be an election poster. The measure is 59x70cm.

All portraits are done in denim. I call it “denim art”. I enjoy the transformation from a couple of old jeans to contemporary art.  The portraits are meant to be recognisable to the viewer, and also express my creative interpretation of the person.

My motivation is to honour a great artist and my idealism about waste-issues and consumerism.

The history of this portrait
I read somewhere that most of the young hipsters who hang out in vinylshops would always look for or already have got a piece in their collection from Bob Dylan. This is quite amazing. It is music from before they were born. So I dived in to the Dylan universe and created this along the way.

He was never my favorite artist, but he is now – at least one of them. I have come to love the lyrics.
He is the idol of many idols, a big inspiration to talented musicians, poet writers and other good people. An impressive artistical talent who made a big difference with his music and lyrics, without fully understanding it himself, it seems.

Short about Bob Dylan
Born 1941.05.24 in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. He was named Robert Allen Zimmerman.

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