This is a “silhouette portrait” cut in one piece of denim
The idea is that some portraits can be recognisable all though it is only a silhouette.

During a D-A-D musicvideo the band is filmed standing backstage, with a strong red light in the background. Like s silhouette. In my portrait the strong red light is replaced by the white canvas.

About D-A-D
D-A-D is this worldfamous danish rockband. It started back in 1982 by Jesper Binzer (vocal/rhythm-guitar), Stig Pedersen (bas/back-up vocal) and Peter Lundholm Jensen (drums). The original bandname was Disneyland After Dark. There is a lot of information about them and also great music to listen too. Facts here: Wikipedia.

I gave a portrait similar to this to the band. Please contact me if you are interested in one also.
I create portraits like this within a week, when ordered. The price is 100 Euros. Contact me on phone +45 20933818 or by mail kontakt@anettewarming.dk.

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